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Enhances the tanning process by imparting additional color to the skin via immediate cosmetic bronzers. Delivers darker immediate color through natural bronzers and/or DHA bronzers.
    DHA (dihydroxyacetone) - Sunless tanning agent that works 
    with the skin proteins to develop a fast tan in 2 to 4 hours. 
    Natural Bronzers - Derived from mostly botanicals, natural 
    bronzers have melanin activators that react with the upper 
    levels of the skins to develop a natural, darker tan faster!  This 
    technology uses natural based extracts such as walnut oil, 
    caramel, henna, and black tea extract. These bronzers DO 
    NOT contain DHA. These bronzers help encourage the 
    tanning process to build a deeper, darker tan.

Tingle Power Lotions
Tingle products are for advanced tanners who like to experience a warming sensation during tanning. These lotions increase microcirculation of the skin for greater, more intense tanning results. These lotions promote the  increase of blood flow similar to exercising. This increased blood flow increases oxygen levels in the skin which aids in the delivery of required nutrients for that deep, dark, beautiful tan! Tingle lotions range in intensity from a Tingle 2 all the way up to a Tingle 45!

Body Blush Blends
These lotions are ideal for all customers regardless of their tanning level. These lotions provide the benefits of a tingle without the sensation. These lotions also increase oxygen levels to promote faster coloration and are irritant free so they are safe to apply to the face.

Cooling Lotions
Cooling products are for clients who like to feel a cooling sensation on the skin during and immediately after tanning. Cooling products contain special skin cooling ingredients like menthol which counteract the heat of the tanning bed/booth by drawing warmth away from the skin.

Lotions that supply important nutrients for a dark color all while moisturizing and hydrating your skin giving you a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. These lotions do not contain any bronzers, tingle, coolants or body blush. They are perfect for beginner tanners.

At L.A Bronze we believe taking care of your skin is just as important as getting that amazing tan. We pride ourselves in carrying the top of the line tanning lotions that provide you with the most nourishing skin care ingredients available today. Below are some of the ingredients that you can expect to find in our tanning lotions.


An anti-wrinkle and firming formula that visibly firms, tones and moisturizes, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

This popular organic compound energizes and firms the skin for improved performance and texture.

Acai berry extract
Dubbed the “beauty berry”, this berry is a powerful anti-oxidant found in the lush Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. It is the source of the acai oil which promotes bronze color and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Advanced Liposome Complex
On contact delivery system of essential ingredients the promotes the synthesis of proteins and collagen, which help protect the skin from the effects of aging. Acts as a moisture “locking mechanism” for soft and conditioned skin.

Coenzyme Q-10 is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Essential component of energy producing cells in the body used for cell growth and maintenance. This anti-aging ingredient helps boost skin regeneration for a more youthful appearance.

Mega Silicone Emulsions deliver a luxurious, unique sensory experience as it nourishes and moisturizes through a more refined complex for unbelievable absorption and penetration. This ingredient will undoubtedly give you the most luxurious tan imaginable!

Please ask a tanning expert at L.A Bronze which lotion is best for you and how you will benefit from using a lotion each and every time you tan!


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